A meeting attended by Mr. Mohammad Tahaminezhad and Dr. Pedram Khosronezhad

May 11th, 2008

A meeting attended by Mr. Mohammad Tahaminezhad and Dr. Pedram Khosronezhad was held in The Cinema House on Wednesday Oct.22. According to Mojtaba Mirtahmaseb – the manager of The Association for Documentary Film-makers – who hosted the meeting, the purpose behind the meeting was to talk about “The First Conference on Visual Anthropology of Iran. The first round of the conference had been held in St. Andrews University in Scotland in June, 2008. According to Dr. Khosronezhad – the anthropology professor of the University – the conference is to be held biennially in Scotland. He also referred to some of the achievements of the conference as follows: allocation of one day of The Conference on Anthropology Films of the Scandinavian Countries for Iranian anthropology films, acquaintance of the students of St. Andrews University with the anthropology of Iran, selection of Iran as the research center, and also the world’s greatest professors’ acquaintance with anthropology films of Iran. Read more…

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Photography and film festival of traditional arts and handicrafts hold in Tabriz

May 10th, 2008

On occasion of global handicrafts day (9th of June), the cultural heritage, handicrafts & tourism organization is going to organize the national festival of handicrafts in Tabriz from 8th till 13th of June.

One part of this festival is dedicated to photos and films related to traditional arts and handicrafts which will be inaugurated on the second day of the festival (which is called the day of handicrafts, creativity and its role in maintenance of national identity)

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Iranian and French Anthropologists report: Probability of 35000 year human history in Iran

May 10th, 2008

Professor,Asgari Khanghah, the manager of biological anthropology laboratory of social sciences faculty in Tehran University and his French colleague ,Dr.Jil Berion, who have been studying the footprint of prehistoric man in Iran had a meeting about their findings on May 13,2008.

According to Prof.Asgari, this group started its work on 2002 by studying the lands in Yazd & Kashan where they did not go further than primary study and limited excavation. In Mehriz city of Yazd province, about 147 caves up to 2600-meter height were studied. Read more…

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Chinese shamanism expert participates in Miras-e-farda office

May 6th, 2008
doctor orli nov

Dr.Aureli Nevot, a researcher & member of National Scientific Studies of France( Centre national de recherché scientifique) and researcher of social sciences college in Paris(Ecole des Hautes Etudes en sciences sociales EHESS) , and her husband participated in the office of Miras-e-farda  on 29, April 2008, where they talked with “ Mohammad sadegh Deghati” and “Rahim Morteza vand” ( the documentary filmmakers who made the documentary named “ Turkman porkhanan”) about shamanism in Iran and China. Read more…

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“Iranian daily life and stroll” publish

April 15th, 2008

The book titled “Iranian daily life and stroll “ written by Abbas Kazemi investigates shop centers as one of the most important city atmospheres.

Through this investigation, the author has tried to , firstly, clear one aspect of Iranian daily life and , secondly , to show the cultural and social presence of people in these modern atmospheres and , ultimately, to present a feature of Iranian modernism for those who are interested . Read more…

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Introduction of People’s culture unit in Radio

April 5th, 2008

In 1962, through the efforts of deceased “seyed Abolghasem Anjavi Shirazi”, a program about Iranian culture was aired from Iran’s Radio which became the beginning of a movement that led to the formation of People’s culture center in Radio.

But after the Islamic revolution, the radio program and, consequently, the center disintegrated. Read more…

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Dr. Blookbashi to write a book on Iranian peoples

March 30th, 2008

In a brief interview with Miras-e-Farda Dr Blookbashi, the director of the ethnology department of  cultural  researches office, announced that at the request of the cultural researches office a book will most probably be written on the subject of Iranian peoples  in a few months.

Last year the office also published another book by this prominent professor titled “Ancient Games in Iran”

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Production of “As old as Ray” documenty film

December 30th, 2007

Directed  by Hadi Afarideh,the 30 minute documentary film titled “as old as Ray” is about storytelling,an art which is backed by shahnameh written by Ferdowsi and some other Iranian legends.

The film wich features,for the first time,the images of storytellers who lived about four and five decades ago,was shot in Tehran,Ray and toos (in mashad)

The researcher and the director advisor of this documentary respectively are “Fatemeh habibzadeh” & “Pirooz Kalantari”.

The production of “As old as Ray” started last year (in 2007).

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Reopening of Saad Abad anthropology museum

December 30th, 2007

“In case of allocation of the required credits, the renovation  of saad Abad historical-cultural museum will be finished toward the end of March 2008 and thereafter the museum will be reopened right away” , said Mahdieh Manoochehri, the head of the museum to Miras-e-farda reporter.

“Due to internal and external repairs and redecoration, the museum was closed for the recent four years, meanwhile, was being visited by students and researchers. Read more…

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Producathion process of documentary “Iran,the land of religions” finish

December 22nd, 2007

Produced by fest Tv and directed by kioomars Deram Bakhsh,the production of the documentary film titled “Iran,the land of religions” was finished.

This documentary series consists of four 30 minute episodes about religious customs and ceremonies of four religions: Islam,Christianity,Zoroastrianism and Jueaism.

The film was shot in Isfahan,Yazd,Kerman and Tehran and the shooting last about four months.

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