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First ethnography comprehensive pattern under publication

November 5th, 2008

Upon the request of IRIB, the book titled “Ethnography scope and issues” is about to be published by miras-e-farda Institute.

Introducing the book as the first ethnography comprehensive pattern in Iran, the author of the book and the managing director of Miras-e-farda Institute , Mohammad sadegh Deghati najd, declared :”Ethnography scope and issues consists of two parts, the first part features theoretical issues on ethnography and monography while representing a history of ethnography and monography in Iran. The second part is a comprehensive ethnography pattern in 14 distinct area in every of which various and different issues are set forth, where each issue can be considered as a single topic in ethnography and case studies.

Based on Deghati utterances, this research book has been written through precise case studies of ethnography and monography researches in Iran since 60′s as well as interviews, consultancies and different workshops.

“In addition to presenting a  work pattern and appropriate guide for researchers, anthropologists , ethnographers and  anthropology students , the book flexibility makes it possible for the researchers to expand it based on their  views and innovations”, Deghati added.

The author also referred to his research team and said: Ethnography scope and issues is a result of a collaborative research conducted by: Mansoor Moradi, Masoomeh Rakhsha ,Tahereh Motevali , and by seeking advice of Dr. Manije Maghsoodi (assistant professor of anthropology in Tehran social sciences faculty) .

The president and publisher of the book in sequence are  IRIB and Miras-e-farda Institut

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