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Interview with Richard Leacock

October 29th, 2008

Iran’s second international documentary festival ( Cinema Verite) was held in Tehran where Iranian documentary filmmakers warmly welcomed great documentary filmmakers of the world. Amongst the guests of the festival, one person was different than the others.  Richard Leacock, who is considered as the grandfather and the last remaining member of the first generation of documentary filmmakers, was attending the festival with his wife and colleague.

Since the beginning of cinema Verite festival in Iran ,we had the idea of interviewing this great man of documentary cinema .When we went to Laleh Hotel to visit him on Sunday morning ,he became so glad and emotional as when he was invited on the stage in the closing ceremony of the festival. Here’s how the interview started and went on.

Miras-e-farda – It’s our pleasure that you are here. As the grandfather of documentary filmmakers could you tell us some of your memories or stories about documentary filmmaking?

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