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Closing Ceremony of Iran’s documentary festival

October 20th, 2008

Closing Ceremony of Iran’s documentary festival ( Cinema Verite) was held on Saturday 18th October in Vahdat hall where great documentary filmmakers of Iran and other countries were attending.

The special guest of this ceremony, and of course of the whole festival, was Richard Leacock, the last remaining member of the first generation of documentary filmmakers who was traveling to Iran at the age of 90.

Being invited on to the stage in the ceremony, Leacock became so emotional that shed a few tears.

In further parts of the ceremony, documentary filmmaker winners were announced as below:

- Long documentary film ‘Tinar’ with its anthropological approach to a shepherd child won statue, honorary diploma and first prize of documentary filmmakers association, also won statue and prize of national competition section, and special appreciation and third prize of international section for being able to beautifully depict the loneliness of human.

- ‘A square with no enclosure’ was another social documentary film which could win most of the festival prizes. It won the best short film prize of documentary filmmakers association and won the best research, the best script, and the best short film direction of festival juries.

- Having an anthropological approach, the film ‘last try-on’ could win the third best short documentary prize of International section juries while being praised by documentary filmmakers association.

- ‘All my mothers’ was another film, featuring women’s pain after war, that could achieve second place in both long documentary section and international section of the festival.

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