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“The Land of Sun” documentary film by ‘Farhad Varahram’

May 21st, 2008

In a private interview with Miras-e-farda , “Farhad Varahram “ a distinguished documentary filmmaker who  makes ethnographical documentaries, announced the production of “The Land of Sun “ which is a narrative about  the nature and culture of “oramanat” , a region in western Iran.

The film begins by showing the filmmaker while exhibiting some slides of “Oramanat” region in a congress. Two professional boatmen who were attending the congress showed interest to go to that place for boating in “Sirvan” river.

In the continuation, the film narrates the voyage of these two boatmen along “Sirvan” river between “oramanat takht” and “Sheikhan” zones, where they got familiar with natural, continental and cultural features of the place and consequently they achieved tranquility and peace in the voyage.

The voyage begins from “Oramanat takht” , where the filmmaker had produced the film” sacred marriage” eleven years ago , and ends on “Pardivar” bridge in Sheikhan region whereafter the river enters Iraq’s land.

The filmmaker who uses, in his new work ,some of the scenes he had taken years ago  ,stated that the comparison between  the scenes which had been taken some years ago with the new ones , shows the continental and natural changes of the region , but cultural and social changes have not been referred to in this work.

In addition to Farhad Varahram, other actors of the film were: “Amir Hossein Mahyari” & “Ali Rezaee” who are two of the professional boatmen of Iran.

Other crew included: Reza Teimoori (Photographer), and Sam Kalantari

(Assistant director & Programmer)

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