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Final production stages of Turkmen

September 23rd, 2007

After the plot of Turkmen Porkhans ( porkhanan-e-turkman in farsi )was approved by Miras-e farad Institute on May 2005, the pre-production of the film started toward the end of that year.

Conducting documentary and field researches for one year, the photography of this documentary film started at the beginning of 2007 and , through 3 shooting stages , finished on July 2007.

Turkmen Porkhans is in the process of film and sound editing now and is estimated to be completed till 5 March 2008.صحنه ای از فیلم پرخوانان ترکمن

Production Organization : Miras-e-farda Institute


Film Credit

Directors: Rahim Morteza vand ( filmmaker ) , Mohammad Sadegh Deghatti najd (Ethnologist )

Production Manager : Hadi Kazemi pour

Camera men : Mahmood Shafiee , Alireza Sakhaee

Sound recorder : Behzadi Asl

Edition : Hamid Reza Ebrahimian , Mahdi Kazemi pour


Research group : Miras-e –farda experts , Mansour Moradi ( Ethnologist )


پرخوانان ترکمن در مراحل فیلمبرداری

Turkmen Porkhans is about ” porkhani ” which is a traditional treatment ritual amongst Turkmen people , performed by someone called ” porkhan ” who is believed to have the ability to apply supernatural powers for treatment .

From the historical and analytical point of view , this ceremony originates in Shamanism, as porkhans are considered as descendents of Shamans .

Special features of porkhani ceremony can be regarded as a guide toward understanding the tribal beliefs and religious views as well as traditional customs of Turkmen tribe.

Miras-e-farda is also producing a 3-part serial documentary film about Turkmen indigenous healers which has passed through its final shooting stage now .

The new film portrays different methods of indigenous treatment amongst different Turkmen groups and reflects the connection between their treatment method with their faith and beliefs .

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